Local Authority Declaration on Healthy Weight

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Food Active has designed the Local Authority Declaration on Healthy Weight to support local government to exercise their responsibility in developing and implementing policies which promote healthy weight.  The declaration which requires senior level local authority commitment encapsulates a vision to promote healthy weight and improve the health and well-being of the local population

The story so far…

The Health Equalities Group has over 12 years’ experience of working in tobacco control in the North West and we regularly draw on this in the design and delivery of our healthy weight campaign, Food Active.


Working with our public health and academic partners, we wanted to see if there could be a Healthy Weight equivalent of the Local Authority Declaration on Tobacco Control. Thus in August 2014, Food Active invited Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) to give a presentation in Manchester around their own experience of local authority engagement. The conclusion was that yes, a Local Authority on Healthy Weight could work, and, after consultation with a number of local authority teams and other colleagues, work began on the initial draft document.


What has now become the Food Active Local Authority Declaration on Healthy Weight has gone through many iterations and discussions, with input from colleagues across public health, academics and policy makers.


The final declaration has been endorsed by national organisations; North West Regional Association of Directors of Public Health, British Dental Association, Children’s Food Campaign and UK Health Forum.


Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Launch Their Declaration on Healthy Weight

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has adopted their own declaration on healthy weight. The declaration shows the Trust’s commitment to reducing unhealthy weight in its establishments and its goal of protecting the health and wellbeing of staff, patients and

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Blackpool taking the declaration a step further

On the 2nd February over 20 representatives from organisations across Blackpool declared their commitment to promote healthy weight. The pledges were made at a Healthy Weight Summit organised and lead by Blackpool Council. The aim of the day was to

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Lancashire County Council adopt the declaration

We are delighted that Lancashire County Council are the latest local authority to adopt the declaration on healthy weight. As the first two-tier local authority, this is just the start of the process as the council works with lower tier

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Local Authority Declaration on Healthy Weight – St Helens experience

St Helens has undertaken various approaches over many years to try and increase the prevalence of healthy weight and halt the increase in unhealthy weight. Currently, adult obesity stands at almost 30% and obesity in children, as captured in the

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How Blackpool became the first local authority to adopt the declaration

In January 2016, Blackpool Council became the first Authority to adopt Food Active’s Local Authority Declaration on Healthy Weight receiving significant media coverage. Lynn Donkin (Public Health Specialist, Blackpool Council) tells us how: “Declarations have been used in a number

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Generic declaration and evidence base

A briefing document ‘Healthy Weight: Why Local Authority Action is needed’ has been developed to support the declaration and sets out the evidence to support improving the food and physical activity environment. A generic version of the declaration can be

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