What is #GiveUpLovingPop?

Launched in February 2015, Give Up Loving Pop or GULP is a campaign from Food Active which aims to raise awareness of the health harms associated with the over-consumption of sugary drinks.

While many people, including children, are aware of the negative impact that sugary drinks have on their teeth, fewer are aware of the link between the overconsumption of sugary drinks and weight gain, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

What GULP is seeking to change

Working closely with teachers, young people and academics we have developed a series of resources designed specifically for children and young people to think about sugary drinks, their effect on health, to learn how to identify sugary drinks and to understand the benefits of water in terms of educational attainment and sporting performance.

Together with these resources we can also offer training sessions for teachers and community staff, support and advice tailored to your needs.