Position Statement: School Packed Lunches

Position Statement: School Packed Lunches

Food Active has published a new position statement highlighting the issues of School Packed Lunches

Our position statements aim to frame the issue, provide a brief review of the evidence, initiatives or regulations currently in place to tackle the issue and our position/action on the matter. Follow the button below to view and download our latest statement, which was written by our student volunteer Chloé Higham-Smith. Many thanks to Chloé for all her hard work on developing the resource.


Position Statement: School Packed Lunches


We have a number of position statements available to view and download, including:

  • Children living in food poverty
  • The benefits of drinking water
  • Outdoor advertising of less healthy food and drink
  • Takeaways and healthy weight
  • Active travel and healthy weight
  • Healthier vending
  • Energy drinks
  • Health harms of high street giveaways
  • Food as a safeguarding issue
  • Healthy weight in the early years
  • Healthy weight in pregnancy
  • Healthy weight in preconception
  • Sugar sweetened beverages
  • Junk food marketing to children
  • Childhood obesity

You can access these at the following link: http://www.foodactive.org.uk/category/position-statement/

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