New Online Food and Nutrition Course for Carers of Children and Young People in Care

New Online Food and Nutrition Course for Carers of Children and Young People in Care

New online training from Food in Care and AC Education gives carers insight, knowledge and skills to support better food and nutrition for children in care

Food Active and AC Education have worked in collaboration to co-produce an online training course for foster/connected carers, adopters and residential children’s home staff, to both support them and encourage children in their care to eat well and develop a healthy relationship with food.

The content has been developed by registered nutritionists with the support of experienced foster carers and social care staff, giving users of the training a comprehensive understanding of practical strategies that carers can utilise when providing therapeutic care.

Benefits for carers and staff:

  • Users will acquire practical knowledge about a healthy and balanced diet and how food impacts on health, behaviour and prevention of diseases.
  • Users will be equipped with tools and greater levels of confidence to address complex food behaviour issues.
  • Users will gain new skills supporting them to build positive relationships with children in their care which will lead to improved placement stability.

Magdalena Przybylka, Food in Care Project Manager, Food Active, said:

“We are delighted that through this new collaboration we are able to provide carers with training and tools that will support them in their crucial role. By undertaking this training carers will gain a deeper understanding of how food plays a major role in a child or young person’s health and wellbeing. It is important that the food and eating patterns that children and young people in care develop over time promote positive relationships with food and good nutrition, and we know that there is a significant need for this type of training supporting carers in their crucial and challenging roles.”

To find out more about the new online training go to: or contact  Ac Education team on T: 01923 850408 E:

To find out more about the Food in Care programme contact Food Active team on T: 0151 237 2686; or


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