New campaign takes the fight to sugary drinks companies

New campaign takes the fight to sugary drinks companies

A new campaign launched today takes the manufacturers of sugary drinks to task as Government data reveals the extent of overweight and obesity among children and young people.

Give Up Loving Pop (Gulp) has been created by Food Active following research that revealed the lack of awareness among both adults and young people regarding the link between consumption of sugary drinks and weight gain and a range of associated health conditions.

Gulp will be rolling into city centres this week to encourage the public to think again before reaching for the pop.

Robin Ireland, Chief Executive of the Health Equalities Group and Director of the Gulp campaign, said:

Few people fully realise the harm that sugary drinks can do to your health. As well as damaging your teeth, overconsumption of these drinks can lead to weight gain, type 2 diabetes and poor heart health. Given the levels of overweight and obesity across the UK, in particular among youngsters, unless we start to take action on sugary drinks we will be storing up problems for future generations.”

“As sugary drinks manufacturers seem less-than-willing to inform the public about the health harms associated with overconsumption of their products we’ve launched our Gulp campaign to get the message across and take the fight to the manufacturers.”

“With 40% young people reportedly drinking three or more glasses of sugary drinks per day it is vital that we send a message to Government about the damage that is being done to the health of our children and young people and the need for education on healthier alternatives.”

Gulp will be running a series of roadshows commencing on Monday 16th February, 11am-2pm at The Lowry Shopping Centre, Salford.

The roadshows, also arriving this week at Liverpool Central Railway Station (Wednesday 18th February, 11am-2pm) and Preston St George’s Shopping Centre (Friday 20th February, 11am-2pm) will mark the start of a bold marketing campaign which appropriates the marketing techniques of sugary drinks companies in order to communicate the health harms associated with these beverages in an attractive, fun, recognisable and appealing way.

Beyond the roadshows, Gulp is rolling out a full social media campaign encompassing Twitter, Facebook and Vine to spread the message, and will be encouraging the public to pledge to Give Up Loving Pop!


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