New 2017 Health Profiles Data: a North West perspective

New 2017 Health Profiles Data: a North West perspective

This July, new Health Profiles data for each local authority (LA) have been released for 2017. From previous years Health Profiles, we know that the North West of England scores poorly on numerous indicators compared to the national average. This year is no different. In saying that, some LA’s are showing signs of improvement. We have selected key indicators related to healthy weights and physical activity, and analysed across different local authorities in the region. We have summarised the highlights and lowlights for the North West region.


Liverpool, Knowsley and Blackpool had the highest level of Deprivation scores (IMD) in the region, of 41.1, 41.4 and 42.0 respectively. The England average score comes in at just 21.8. The lowest deprivation score within the North West can be found in Cheshire East (14.1).

Life Expectancy

Cheshire East also has the highest life expectancy in males and females, of 82.4 and 83.7 years old respectively. Blackpool measured with the lowest life expectancy in both males and females, of just 74.2 years and 79.4 years old. The majority of local authorities reported trends of life expectancy getting worse, except for Cheshire (both East and West), Cumbria, Stockport and Trafford.

However, these averages vary considerably within local authorities. For example, within Liverpool, life expectancy is 10.1 years lower for men and 8.1 years lower for women in the most deprived areas of Liverpool compared to the least deprived areas. Blackpool’s life expectancy is 14.3 years lower for men and 9.3 years lower for women in the most deprived areas when compared to the least deprived areas. Thereby illustrating that stark health inequalities continue to persist within the North West. A recent news story has revealed that increases in life expectancy in the UK has slowed dramatically since 2010, naming cuts to health and social care as the cause.

Percentage of Physically Active Adults

The LA with the lowest percentage of Physically Active Adults was Oldham, with only 45% compared to the national average of 57%. Cheshire East exceeded the national average, with 60% of adults living a physically active lifestyle. All LA’s were either getting worse or showed no significant change since the 2016 Health Profiles data.

Excess Weight in Adults

The number of adults with excess weight in the North West is 1.8% greater than the national average. Blackpool, Halton and St Helens were the regions with the highest proportion of excess weight in adults (73.9%, 74.7% and 71.2% respectively). Some LA’s within the North West indicated signs of improvements in the number of adults with excess weight, including Oldham, Ribble Valley and South Lakeland – who had the lowest percentage within the North West of 61.3%.

Obese Children Year 6

The North West average for obese children in Year 6 was greater than the national average (20.6% compared to 19.8%). However, there were some LA’s who had lower percentages than the national average, including Stockport, Trafford, South Ribble, Flyde (who had the lowest proportion in the region of 15%) and Cheshire East – the only LA to have shown signs of the number of obese year 6 children decreasing. All other LA’s reported trends of getting worse or no significant change from the 2016 Health Profiles data. The LA’s with the highest proportions were Copeland, Manchester and St Helens (24.5%, 25.1% and 24.4% respectively).

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