Liverpool launch ‘Save kids from sugar’ campaign

Liverpool launch ‘Save kids from sugar’ campaign

Public Health Liverpool have today launched their ‘Save Kids From Sugar’ campaign aimed at helping parents reduce the amount of sugar their children consume.  With many children having half their recommended daily allowance of sugar before they leave for school, the campaign highlights the surprising amount of sugar in popular breakfast cereals as well as drinks and snacks.

Parents can log on to a new website and calculate how much sugar their children are consuming each day and get tips on healthier breakfasts.

There will also be events at supermarkets and public buildings to educate families, a community street fair in Walton, and the Public Health team will also be working with school breakfast clubs on healthy options.

The drive is aimed at tackling an alarming level of childhood obesity in the city with 12% of reception school age children classed as obese. Over 23% of year 6 children are obese, and almost 40% are overweight or obese.

We are delighted to have been involved in the campaign. Alex Holt, Food and Nutrition Lead said: “There are surprising amounts of sugar in everyday food and drink that we give our children and, without realising it, we all have too much sugar.

“Sugars are hidden in many foods, which people are unaware of and even creep into savoury items such as pasta sauces. Parents can make sure they limit the amount of sugar their children eat by reading the labels to make sure they are choosing low sugar varieties where possible.

“The amount of added sugar can really add up over the day, so starting with a low sugar breakfast and choosing water or milk for drinks, and fruit as snacks really can make a difference. You can also offer your child a reward such as a trip to the park, rather than a sweet treat.”


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