#GiveUpLovingPop Special Edition Bulletin

by Beth Bradshaw | May 24, 2019 10:52 am

Our second Give Up Loving Pop special edition bulletin is now live, updating Food Active subscribers on all things GULP and sugary-drink related news.

The bulletin will come in addition to the Food Active monthly e-bulletin, which is typically circulated in the last week of each calendar month.

This edition’s highlights include:

View the special edition bulletin below!

#GiveUpLovingPop Special Edition Bulletin[1]


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  1. #GiveUpLovingPop Special Edition Bulletin: https://mailchi.mp/8a8f3b1aa644/g967vdkl8m-2430013
  2. Food Active Bulletin: Sign Up Here!: http://www.foodactive.org.uk/newsletter/

Source URL: http://www.foodactive.org.uk/giveuplovingpop-special-edition-bulletin/