Food Active takes part in the National Food Strategy public dialogue

Food Active takes part in the National Food Strategy public dialogue

Robin Ireland, Director of Research at Food Active was invited to take part in a National Food Strategy (NFS) public dialogue meeting held in North West England this February.

This was one of a number of such dialogues taking part across the country. This is his personal view of the event and of course can only be informed of what he was able to see and participate in during the day.

The National Food Strategy is the “first major review” of the English food system in 75 years. It is being led by Henry Dimbleby, who is a cookery writer and co-founder of Leon Restaurants.

Robin was very positive about the proceedings. Representatives from the NFS and specialists in food and the impacts it has on our health and our planet, were there to observe and contribute to the process by providing the participants with information (Robin had been asked to contribute around the topic of affordability).

Around 50 women and men of varying ages and very different backgrounds were present to help in the dialogue about the NFS. The discussion was rich and intense as one would expect when touching on food systems and topics such as health, trade, the environment and affordability. There was a strong perceived view that healthy foods usually cost more. People shared their concerns about the present and the future. Robin was moved most by hearing one participant say that she hoped that the National Food Strategy would be compassionate at the very least. We agree strongly in that healthy sustainable food should be available to all our communities if health inequalities are not to be further exacerbated.

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