Food Active is a healthy weight programme, supported by North West Directors of Public Health.

We work to tackle obesity and promote healthy weight across the North West population, and specifically amongst the most vulnerable. In doing this we take two approaches.

1. We influence policy at both local and national level, this involves working closely with local authorities on their health and wellbeing agendas and trying to influence their action to benefit the needs of the community. We lobby at a national level and sit on a number of national boards, bringing a local and regional perspective to discussions around healthy weight.

2. We work at a community level, with individuals and alongside other third sector organisations to improve the health and wellbeing of the most disadvantaged, e.g. running targeted projects with and for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups specifically children and young people.



We are advocating for:

Healthy Weight in all Policies
Sugary drinks tax
Controls on junk food marketing
Increase active travel


To add value to local programmes, services and plans to prevent obesity through a collaborative approach

To work with partners to bring in additional funding to meet to the key objectives of the programme

To raise the profile of healthy weight including spatial planning and active travel in all policies and at all levels

Investigate public perception and level of support for specific policy interventions that are shown to be effective in achieving and maintaining healthy weight

Produce a range of resources, policy briefings, communications, resources and events to disseminate best practice in the implementation of local programmes and initiatives to promote healthy weight

To build and strengthen partnership working in preventing overweight & obesity across the North West

Develop research papers and research partnerships to establish further evidence to enable policy change at a national and local level


Local authorities

There’s many ways local authorities can help us tackle the rise in obesity.

Sign up to the Local Authority Declaration on Healthy Weight.

Create environments that support health-promoting behaviours (NICE PH49) e.g. providing healthy food on premises.

Focus on children and young people.

Look at planning policy e.g. limitation of fast food outlets (‘Saturation point’ Liverpool)

Not take funding from (or invest in) ‘junk food’ producers.

Healthy commissioning.

Enthusiasts and activists


You can help us in our mission to make the North West healthier, we’ve a number of initiatives under way that need your help! Please use our ‘Contact Us’ page to register your interest.


Food Active is currently funded by the North West Directors of Public Health.

We also work in partnership with a number of local and national organisations: